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Persian Miniature Hand Painting, Boy & Horse


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This Painting, painted by Gouache & Watercolor on cardboard and its size is 21×28 cm.

Persian Miniature

Persian or Iranian miniature is a traditional style of painting that is detailed, colorful and small in size, often representing a mythological or religious theme. Due to its long history, Iran has a rich artistic heritage, and miniature is one of them. In your travel to Iran, there are many places you can see and buy this original work of art. “Miniature” is a French term meaning “tiny replica of nature”, however Iranian miniature has fundamental differences with what is called miniature in the eastern Asia and Europe. Actually, the only similarity between Persin miniature and those of China, Japan and Europe is being small in scale. There are also other unique features about Persian miniature; the first one is its rich delicate details in spite of being small in size, no slight detail has been missed by the artist which catches every viewer’s eyes, some paintings are so delicate that you need a magnifier to see its detailed beauties.

Dimensions21×28 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialGouache & Watercolor
Handling time10 Days
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