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Persian Miniature Style Art Painting Boy & Horse


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This original Persian Miniature Style artwork was done using Gouache & Watercolor technique on cardboard. This is an original artwork which has followed the Iranian style of miniature or Negargary Art. This Painting is not stretched on frame, and shipped in rolled up Canvas format. Safe and sturdy packaging to avoid any damages during shipping.

  • Dimensions: 21×28 cm
  • Painting Method: Gouache & Watercolor
  • Style: Persian Miniature – Negargary
  • Painting Surface: Cardboard
  • Origin: Iran

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Miniature Style Art Painting Boy & Horse

Painting is one of the main visual arts and Paintings are one of the most precious works of art. Art Works that increase in value and credibility with the passage of time. Different countries and artists have their own artistic style. Styles that sometimes have high artistic value. The use of different types of paintings are very effective in the design of home decoration. So that placing a beautiful painting in a part of the house can multiply the charm of the house. Paintings have a high artistic value for collectors. Artistic works whose spiritual and material value some of them are more than thousands of dollars. There are different styles of painting and art. Sometimes a work of art is a manifestation of nature and sometimes it is just a beautiful writing and Calligraphy. Undoubtedly, miniature painting style is one of the most famous art styles in Iran. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful and valuable Paintings related to Iranian artists. Luxurious and valuable Paints like this “Miniature Style Art Painting Boy & Horse” that give life to your decoration. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions21×28 cm
Place of productionIran
MaterialGouache & Watercolor
Handling time10 Days
StylePersian Miniature - Negargary
Product TypeMiniature Art Paintings
TechniqueGouache & Watercolor
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