Decorative Copper Plate Hand-Painted with Persian Minakari Enamel Azar


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Emanating Persian opulence and cultural finesse, our Persian Minakari Enamel Decorative Plate is an exquisite testament to artistic mastery. Hand-painted by skilled Iranian artists, this plate is a radiant embodiment of Persian elegance, boasting intricate designs that reflect the vibrant heritage of the region. Each stroke of handcrafted detail resonates with the rich history and artistry that define Persian culture, making it a striking symbol of sophistication and tradition. This captivating decorative plate serves as a captivating canvas, reflecting the artistry and expertise of its creators. Adorned with traditional Persian themes and meticulously hand-painted, it stands as a visual narrative of Persian elegance, inviting you to grace your space with a piece of the storied heritage and artistic allure of Iran.

  • Dimensions: 33×33 cm
  • Material: Copper
  • Techniques: Minakari
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Pattern: Traditional – Persian
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Minakari Decorative Plate Model Azar

Step into a world of timeless sophistication with our collection of Persian Minakari Enamel decorative plates. Embodied within each plate is a narrative of Persian tradition and artistry, meticulously crafted in the traditional Persian style. Hand-painted by skilled artisans, these plates pay homage to the intricate beauty of Iranian design, featuring the most revered patterns—such as graceful florals and delicate flowers—celebrated for their cultural significance. The art of Minakari Enamel intricately intertwines vibrant colors and meticulous detailing, offering a captivating visual symphony that resonates with the opulent essence of Persian heritage. Beyond mere decor, these plates serve as visual narratives, etched with the expertise and wisdom passed down through generations of Persian artists. They transform living spaces into galleries, preserving the richness and diversity of Persian art. Embrace the legacy of Iranian art, inviting the heritage and allure of Persian culture into your home. Each plate serves not just as an ornament but as a connection to an artistic legacy, inviting admirers to partake in the captivating beauty and timeless elegance woven into the fabric of these exquisite, hand-painted works of art. These pieces honor the revered motifs that define Iranian artistic heritage, inviting you to immerse yourself in the resplendent allure and profound story of Persian creativity.

Dimensions 33x33x10 cm
Approximate weight 200 Gram
Place of production Iran
Washability By hand
Application Decorative
Material Copper
Handling time 7 Days
Persian Title بشقاب میناکاری
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