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Persian Minakari Copper Bottle Model Parvaz


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This “Persian Minakari Copper Bottle Model Parvaz, Made and designed by Iranian artists, which shows the peak of Iranian creativity in making handicrafts. Having such handicrafts in every house, apart from showing the art in Iran, its value because of metal increases over time.

  • Dimensions: 24x6x6 cm
  • Material:  Copper
  • Place of Production: Isfahan

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Minakari Copper Bottle

This Minakari Copper Bottle is the work of Iranian artists and represents the original Iranian-Eastern art. The combination of traditional Iranian painting that known as Minakari and copper, create a beautiful work of art. Give beauty to your decoration by placing this copper bottle on the table or showcase. Decorating your home with an Iranian Copper bottle can create an atmosphere of combination of tradition and modernity to satisfy all tastes. Its beautiful copper color warms your table and dazzles the eyes. A magnificent manifestation of Iranian art. Interior designers always use mirrors and elements with a glossy surface to create shine and light in the space. Surprise your guests with a hammered bottle. Valuable copper bottles with Persian designs made entirely by hand and their artistic and material value increase over time. Buy a unique Persian Copper bottle with confidence directly from Iran. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions24x6x6 cm
Approximate weight173 Gram
Place of productionIsfahan
WashabilityBy hand
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
Glazed veneerYes
Other Details- The Copper Candy Pot is not Included
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