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Persian Golden Raisins 1500 Gram


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These Golden Raisins are rich in iron, potassium, calcium and vitamins b. Raisins reduce gum and mouth diseases. It is very effective in digesting food. Controls blood pressure. It helps prevent and treat diabetes.

  • Approximate weight: 1500 Gram
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Type: Raisin
  • Taste: Sweet
  • Persian Title: کشمش طلایی – کشمش پلویی
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Persian Golden Raisins

Persian Golden Raisin is one of the most unique raisins produced in Iran. This raisin is high in calcium and potassium, which is very effective for skin diseases and hair loss. If your body is low in iron, you can supplement your body’s iron by eating raisins and ensure your health. Golden raisins, which are called Polohi raisin in Iran, are used in the preparation of various Iranian foods. This raisin has many fans all over the world because of its unique color. This raisin is one of the most delicious raisins in Iran, which has many applicants in Iran and out of Iran. Persian Golden Raisins are the best raisins produced in Iran and therefore have the highest demand among foreign countries. Iranian Golden raisin is cultivated and produced in different cities of Iran but it is produced more in Bonab and Maragheh cities.

Approximate weight1500 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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