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Persian Damkoni Steam-catcher Model Floral


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Brew a fragrant rice with this Persian Damkoni set. Persian rice made easy with this steam-catcher or as we say in Farsi Damkoni. This beautiful set can be a good option for your kitchen.

  • Appropriate thickness filled with polyester fibers
  • Carefully in pattern and stitching
  • Washable & Solid color
  • Heat resistant
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Persian Damkoni Steam-catcher

To brew rice, it is necessary to use Damkoni or steam-catcher and cover the lid of the pot with it so that the aroma of rice and its heat do not come out of the pot and the rice is cooked slowly. There are different types of steam-catcher, and one of the best types of steam-catcher is sewn around with a drawstring. The use of a stretcher steam-catcher makes the steam-catcher completely cover the lid of the pot and the food brew better. Damkoni is one of the essential accessories of Iranian kitchen. If you are interested in brewing a fragrant and flavorful rice like Iranian rice in the Iranian style, be sure to use a Damkoni. ShopiPersia is the largest website for selling Iranian home and kitchen appliances. We ship worldwide

Approximate weight180 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Other Details- 30x30 cm
- 25x25 cm
- 20x20 cm
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