Persian Daf Drum Model Sama Dance


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The skin of this Persian Daf Drum is synthetic “talaq” and is not affected by changes in weather and humidity. Clear and expressive sound is one of the other features of this def. Also, there is a beautiful poem printed on this daf.

  • Classification: Percussion (Frame Drum)
  • Skin material: Artificial, Talgh
  • Diameter Head: 53 cm
  • Frame Width: Narrow
  • Collar Size: Standard 4/4

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Daf Drum Model Sama Dance

Def is one of the mystical Iranian instruments and has a special place in Iranian music. Persian Daf Instrument is similar to Dayereh drum but is bigger and with a bass sound. The presence of Daf Instrument in Iran dates back to ancient Iran and was initially square and later rounded. This instrument is very popular among Iranians and a ringing sound comes out of them along with the main sound of the instrument. This harmony and beauty that exists between the rings of the instrument has caused a pleasant and exceptional sound to come out of it. This “Persian Daf Drum Model Sama Dance” is one of the best model that you can play with it. In ShopiPersia we have a collection of the best type of Iranian instruments. Experience the joy of Online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

Approximate weight500 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialArtificial, Talgh
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forAdults
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