Persian Copper Lota Bodna Toilet Wash Jug


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This Vintage Persian Copper Lota Bodna Wash Jug shows off the beauty of Iranian souvenir & art. This Persian Copper Toilet Wash Jug is Handmade and mostly used as decorative.

  • Dimensions: 14x32x33 cm
  • Material: Copper

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Copper Lota Bodna Toilet Wash Jug

Copper Lota Bodna Toilet Wash Jug is one of the most popular Jug that has more decorative aspect. Copper Lota Bodna has been used in the past in the homes of elders, khans, kings, nobles and rich people. Although this product is now more decorative, it can also be used. Using this product will take your mind to an era that was full of memories, joy, happiness and childish games for all of us. Persian Toilet Wash Jug is a practical and beautiful Product. Iran is famous for its art and beauty, and this device, apart from its application, can give me a special beauty as a decoration. Iranian artists are famous for making various tools with copper, and this copper Persian Toilet Jug is the work of Iranian artists and is entirely handmade.

Dimensions14x32x33 cm
Approximate weight2300 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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