Persian Calligraphy Wall Tapestry Model Girl


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This wall tapestry is a stunning addition to your decor, featuring remarkable water-resistant properties that ensure long-lasting beauty and vibrancy. With its high-resolution imagery, the tapestry showcases intricate details, bringing art to life on your walls. The calligraphic design adds a touch of culture and elegance to your space. Its waterproof nature makes it not only an exquisite decoration but also a practical choice, as it resists moisture and maintains its brilliance for years. The wall tapestry is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, adding an artistic and resilient element to your living spaces. With its remarkable clarity and calligraphic charm, this tapestry is more than just a decoration; it’s a durable and captivating piece of art that elevates the aesthetic of your surroundings.

  • Dimensions: Variable
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Suitable for: Decoration, Special events, Gifting
  • Pattern: Persian Poem
  • Material: Polyester Fabric
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Calligraphy Wall Tapestry Model Girl

Enhance your living space with our exquisite wall tapestries, where Persian art takes center stage. These tapestries are more than mere decorations; they are windows to a world of rich history, culture, and art. Each tapestry is a masterpiece, inspired by the intricate and captivating designs of Persian art. The fusion of colors, patterns, and motifs tells the story of a glorious civilization. Whether you’re a connoisseur of art or simply appreciate beauty, these tapestries will elevate your home decor. Crafted with the finest materials and attention to detail, these tapestries are built to stand the test of time. The vivid colors and precise patterns make for an eye-catching focal point in any room. From traditional Persian patterns to more contemporary interpretations, our tapestries cater to a wide range of tastes and styles. They seamlessly blend with modern and classic interiors alike, adding a touch of sophistication and culture to your surroundings. Choose a piece of Persian heritage to grace your walls. Let the essence of Persian art and history enrich your home. Shop our Persian-inspired wall tapestries and transform your living space into a work of art.

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Dimension Variable
Color Cream
Suitable for Decortaion, Special events, Gifting.
Style Contemporary
Product Type Wall Tapestry
Condition New
Shape Rectangular
Material Polyester Fabric
Theme Persian Calligraphy
Pattern Quote
Washability Yes
Room Type Living room, Bedroom, etc.
Returns Eligible for Return
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