Persian Calligraphy Qalam Reed Pens Dezfuli


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This Set of Handmade Persian Calligraphy Qalams Made of made from reed found primarily in Iran. This collection of Qalams are of high quality and are known as Dezfuli. A set for professional calligraphers.

  • Pack(s): 5 Pcs
  • Material: Reed
  • Suitable for: Professional
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Persian Title: قلم خوشنویسی دزفولی

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Calligraphy Qalam Reed Pens Dezfuli

In Iran and Islamic lands, calligraphy is very important. Calligraphy has an ancient history in Iran and is considered one of the valuable and original arts of this land. An art that is still common among Iranian people and young people also show interest in this art. Tools and tools for calligraphers have a special value and prestige. Special tools and devices are necessary for this art, which have a special value and credibility for the artist. The reed pen is the main tool of this art, which is obtained by cutting and shaping a reed or bamboo. This pen is made in different sizes and materials to present this art in the best way on paper. Calligraphers used beautiful calligraphy to transcribe the Quran or write poems, as well as to write greeting cards. Calligraphy has always been considered as the highest art in all Islamic countries. For Art Lovers, this “Persian Calligraphy Qalam Reed Pens Dezfuli” is a practical tool for Iranian calligraphy.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forBeginners
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