Pars Khazar Persian Rice Cooker Inner Bowl Pot 16 Cup


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Pars Khazar Automatic Iranian Rice Cooker is a simple, durable and at the same time practical product. This Inner Bowl Pot is suitable for Pars Khazar Persian Rice Cooker 16 cup. This Product is Original and made by Pars Khazar Company.

  • Wash the dish hot water and detergent before use.
  • After washing, grease the inside of the dish with a spoonful of liquid oil and do the first cooking.
  • Do not use metal or wire utensils to stir food or wash dishes.
  • Do not wash hot dishes with cold water. Wait for the dish to cool down, then wash it.

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Rice Cooker Inner Pot

This Rice Cooker Inner Pot is Suitable for Persian Pars Khazar Rice Cooker 16 Cup. Pars Khazar rice cooker is one of the top rice cooker brands in the world and has many fans because of the way it cooks rice. The method of brewing and cooking rice in Iran is very popular all over the world and Pars Khazar rice cookers are made based on this method of cooking. Pars Khazar company was founded in November 1982 as a small industrial parts manufacturing workshop. Historically a major producer of portable heaters and air conditioners, the company has expanded to include nearly every category of small domestic appliances in the food preparation and cooking, as well as household cleaning and ironing. Pars Khazar rice cookers are very durable and have a high quality. In ShopiPersia, you can order Pars Khazar rice cookers directly from Iran.

Place of production Iran
Suitable for Pars Khazar 16 Cup
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