Pars Khazar Electric Kettle & Tea Maker Chaeenoosh


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This Electric Kettle & Tea Maker is a simple, durable and at the same time practical product. This product is a very desirable option for home use. Also, the average power consumption and High quality material make the use of this product easier. Also, having a stainless steel material prevents water taste change and you can enjoy the pleasure of drinking tea with this tea maker model.

  • Approximate weight: 2600 Gram
  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1.5-2 Liter
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Power: 1650w

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Electric Kettle & Tea Maker Chaeenoosh

Tea makers are one of the most used home appliances. The pleasure of drinking hot tea in the morning or in the evening with friends is really pleasant. Tea makers can boil water and brew your tea in a short time. To buy a tea maker, it is better to pay attention to the following points. Note that the inner surface of the electric kettle is better to be made of stainless steel or glass. The use of plastic in the construction of the inner compartment may change the taste of the water. Some models have temperature adjustment features. This feature makes it easy to operate and you can select a specific temperature for boiling water and adjust the device. This “Electric Kettle & Tea Maker Model Chaeenoosh” is made by one of the most reliable Iranian brands. A brand that has all the standards to brew a fragrant tea for you. Experience pleasant online shopping with ShopiPersia. We ship worldwide.

Approximate weight2600 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialStainless Steel
Handling time7 Days
BrandPars Khazar
Other Details- Has a porcelain teapot for better brewing tea and a variety of beverages (Mint, Borage, etc.)
- It has a shiny steel kettle
- With thermostat (low energy consumption)
- Ability to automatically keep the temperature in a gentle boiling mode to brew tea after boiling water
- Ability to wash porcelain teapots with dishwasher
- Has a standard product certification
Capacity1.5 - 2 Liter
Boiler Capacity Range1.5 - 2 Liter
Teapot Capacity Range0.7 - 1 Liter
Power Consumption Range1500 - 2000 w
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