Nizam al-Mulk Persian Scholar Bust Statue

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Having the statues of “Nizam al-Mulk Persian Scholar Bust Statue” or other statues of the elders of Iran, is a sign of our respect and love for the elders of our land, although if we live outside of Iran, because our culture depends on these elders.

  • Size: 7×7.5×19 cm
  • Material: Polyester

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Nizam al-Mulk

Nizam al-Mulk al-Tusi (28 October 397 to 22 October 471), was the powerful minister of two of the great kings of the Seljuk period, Alp Arsalan and the first king in Iran. Nizam al-Mulk was the most powerful minister in the Seljuk dynasty and the Seljuks also reached the peak of power during his time. He marks 29 years of domestic and foreign policy. In the last years of the king’s reign, disputes arose between him and the king, which eventually led to his removal from the ministry and then to the suspected assassination of him. Thirty-five days after his death, the Shah also died, and according to some historians, he was poisoned by Nizam al-Mulk’s supporters. If you are interested in Iranian mythology such as “Nizam al-Mulk Persian Scholar Bust Statue” we have the largest collection of Persian sculptures in ShopiPersia. We ship worldwide

Dimensions7×7.5×19 cm
Approximate weight800 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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