Natural Calf Skin For Persian Tombak


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This Tonbak skin is made of natural Calf skin, which creates a sound quality suitable for Tonbak. The quality of the skin has a direct effect on the sound of the instrument. We have provided this high quality skin for Iranian tonbak instrument.

  • Suitable: Persian Tonbak
  • Material: Natural Calf Skin
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Category: Drum Instrument

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Natural Calf Skin For Persian Tombak

The quality of the leather & skin is of particular importance in Drum instruments. In fact, it is the skin that causes sound with its vibration. In Drum instruments, skin tearing is common. For many music lovers, it is necessary to have a replacement skin, or if the quality of the skin is low, they can replace it with a better quality skin. Tombak or Zarb is one of the famous and well-known Iranian percussion instruments. An instrument that attracts the ears of every listener with its unique sound in solo or multi-play. Persian Tombak is considered as a goblet drum from a morphological point of view. In this instrument, the quality of the skin is of special importance. The skin in this instrument is generally camel or calf skin. For music lovers, this “Natural Calf Skin For Persian Tombak” is a suitable alternative. We ship worldwide.

Place of productionIran
MaterialNatural Calf Skin
Handling time10 Days
Suitable forPersian Tombak
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