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Mixed Persian Muscoth Halwa 3 Packs


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This Muscat Halwa box is packed in different flavors. Halwa Muscati is one of the traditional sweets of Iran and one of most popular Halwa in the Middle East. Sweet taste and decorated with Iranian nuts. You will definitely not forget to enjoy a piece of this Iranian Halwa with tea or coffee. A combination of Iranian Halwa and nuts.

  • Approximate weight: 400×3 Gram
  • Pack(s): 3
  • Place of production: Lar, Iran
  • Flavor: Sweet – Mixed with Persian Nuts
  • Type: Muscoth Halwa
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Mixed Persian Muscoth Halwa

Halwa is one of the sweet, delicious and traditional desserts of Iran, which are very diverse in addition to being popular. Sweets that are simple but very famous and widely used. Although making these halwas is very simple, different countries have their own halwas. Various halwas that are used as sweets, or desserts, and sometimes as a food or part of a sweet that are used in happy or mourning ceremonies. Iran is definitely the land of delicious foods, sweets and desserts. Desserts that will definitely delight you. Among the types of halwa, Muscat Halwa is one of the most common types of this dessert in Iran. Muscoth Halwa is one of the types of Halwa that is very tasty and very popular in Iran. This delicious, simple and nutritious sweet, integrated with different nuts. This “Mixed Persian Muscoth Halwa” is one such delicious dessert. In ShopiPersia, We have tried to collect different types of Iranian halwa. Halwas with different flavors. Experience delicious online shopping with us. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions29x21x3 cm
Approximate weight400 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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