Lace Head Scarf Turban Model Polka Dots


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Head Scarves play an important role in the beauty. This Turban with its beautiful design and color is suitable for use in four seasons. By using different turban models, in addition to having a different and stylish style, your hairstyle will also look much more beautiful and tidy. This scarf will give you charm and beauty. Be different and stylish.

  • Material: Lace
  • Design: Polka Dots
  • Suitable: for adults, teens and children

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Head Scarf “Turban”

Turban is a type of head covering or Head Scarf that has recently gained a lot of fans. Iranian and Muslim women usually use different types of head scarves models in ceremonies and parties to cover their hair. But the beauty of these turbans is no longer unique to Iranian and Muslim women. These turbans with their special beauty have been able to be present in the fashion industry. Turban can be used in all seasons, because there are different types of fabrics and knits. These days, fashion has taken on a new color and scent. Hijab is no longer as it used to be, but can be a style of clothing and fashion if the colors are chosen correctly. By using a Turban head scarf, you will definitely attract attention. Buy a Unique Head Scarf with confidence directly from Iran. We Ship Worldwide.

Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable foradults, teens and children
SeasonFour seasons
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