Koroghlu an Azerbaijani folk Hero Sculpture


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Having the statues of the elders of any land, especially Iran, is a sign of our respect and love for the elders of our land, although if we live outside of Iran, because our culture depends on these elders.

Koroghlu was one of the leaders of Jelali revolts. Peasant movements flared up in several regions of Turkey and Azerbaijan In mid-16th and 17th centuries. Koroghlu one of the leaders of Jelali groups in Azerbaijan. Rumor has it that Koroghlu’s real name was Rovshen. There are very few written sources of information about Koroghlu and his friends. Some researchers say that Koroghlu lived in Azerbaijan, others claim that he was in Khorasan. Another group of people note that he lived in Anatolian land. Legends and stories about Koroghlu were reflected in the Epic of Koroghlu. Koroglu was introduced as brave warrior, a talented poet and ashug who is the author of a perfect qoshma have been preserved as historical truth in the epos. The majority of names of people (Giziroglu Mustafa bey, Kosa Sefer, Jafar Pasha, Hasan Pasha Etc.) in the epos are historic people. One of the main headquarters of Koroglu was Chenlibel castle (there are many places titled Chenlibel in different regions).

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