Khatam Wooden Waste Basket Set Model Rana


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This beautiful set includes a Waste Basket, a tissue box and a cutlery box. A set that gives an original and luxurious effect to the decoration of your home or workplace. Considering that this product is handmade and produced from natural wood, it is better that it does not have any contact with water and humid places. Also Do not expose to direct sunlight. To clean it, it is enough to drag a dry cloth on it.

  • Dimensions: 36x52x52 cm
  • Place of production: Isfahan
  • Material: Wood
  • Technique: Khatamkari
  • Construction: Handmade

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Wooden Waste Basket Set Model Rana

Placing a stylish Waste Basket in a room or office can really change the decoration. A beautiful decoration consists of various elements, the beauty of each of which is impressive. One of these elements is Waste Baskets. Among the types of waste baskets, wooden types have a unique beauty. Iranian artists have designed Waste Baskets that are unique in their kind using the art of Khatamkari on wood. Luxurious waste baskets that are completely designed and made by hand have a special place in decoration. An art as beautiful as Iran and thousands of years old. Beautifully crafted to be luxurious. Owners who have Iran’s artistic authenticity with them and show your attention and artistic taste. This “Khatam Wooden Waste Basket Set Model Rana” will give your room a stylish and original look. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful home decorations. Decorations that you can use to give a stylish look to your home or work environment. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions36x52x52 cm
Approximate weight2000 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time10 Days
Product TypeWooden Waste Basket
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