Jawshan Kabir Complete Dua on Special Taweez Paper


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This Jawshan Kabir is written on special Taweez Paper and is very light. This Taweez was written in Qom by a cleric when the moon was full. The fullness of the moon has a great impact on the effectiveness of Taweez. It took 10 days to write this prayer.

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Jawshan Kabir Taweez

Jawshan Kabeer is a long Shia Islamic prayer that contains 1001 names and attributes of God. Jawshan means “steel plate” or “mail” and thus the name of the prayer refers to Muhammad’s heavy armor in battle. Dua Jawshan Kabir, literally Great Armor, has been narrated from Prophet Muhammad (s). In his beautiful introduction to this dua, the late Shaykh ‘Abbas Qummi writes, is mentioned in the books, al-Balad al- Amin and al-Misbah of al-Kafa’mi. It is related from Imam ‘Ali ibn al-Husayn Sayyid al-Sajidin from his father from his grandfather, the Prophet of Allah, who received it from the Angel Gabriel during one of the battles. The Prophet had a very heavy coat of armor on to protect himself. The coat was so heavy that it was hurting the Prophet’s body. In this state, the Angel Gabriel came to the Prophet and said, “O Muhammad! Your Lord conveys his salutations to you and tells you to take out this coat of armor (jawshan) and to recite this dua [instead], as it is a protection for you and your Ummah.”

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