Persian Turquoise Tesbih Model Neyshabour II


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This Persian Nishapur Turquoise Rosary is a great and glorious rosary to dhikr. It can also be used as a jewel. A jewel whose stones are hand-carved and beautifully placed together. This rosary can also be a valuable gift for your loved ones. A luxurious gift that has no similar example.

  • Length: 58 cm
  • Material: Nishapur Turquoise
  • Diameter of the bead: 7 to 9 mm
  • Place of production: Iran

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Turquoise Rosary Beads

Iranian turquoise Rosary Beads are one of the most expensive rosaries in the world. Among these rosaries, the turquoise rosaries of Nishapur and Kerman have a special place. Nishapur turquoise is one of the oldest precious stones. Persian kings have always used this precious stone. Beads that beautifully carved by hand and placed next to each other. Iranian turquoise is basically high quality and pleasant. Mines in Mexico and the United States have greener, more porous turquoise, and tend to fade faster. Having a rosary with Nishapur turquoise can give you a special beauty. Turquoise, in addition to being a precious stone, has the spiritual properties and is effective in eliminating the negative energy around. Turquoise increases the efficiency of the immune system, and creates happiness and vitality and increases self-confidence. We have the most beautiful collection of Iranian turquoise rosaries in ShopiPersia. We ship worldwide

Dimensions58 cm
Approximate weight14 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialFiroozeh Neyshabouri
Handling time7 Days
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