Impressive Islamic Shia Ali Valiollah Flag


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This beautiful flag with the holly name of Ali Ibn Abi Talib Flag printed on them, in addition to beautifying the house, can keep the memory of First Shia Imam alive in our minds.

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Ali ibn Abi Talib

Ali ibn Abi Talib ( 13 September 601 – 28 January 661) was a cousin, son-in-law and companion of the Islamic prophet Muhammad. He ruled as the fourth Rightly Guided caliph from 656 until his assassination in 661. He is one of the central figures in Shia Islam and is regarded as the rightful immediate successor to Muhammad and the first Imam by all branches of Shia Muslims. He is the son of Abu Talib and Fatimah bint Asad, the husband of Fatemeh Zahra, and the father of Hasan, Husayn and Zaynab.

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