Islamic Muslim Asadollah Ayamakom Aimmah Flag


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This beautiful flag “Asadollah Ayamakom” means: May God bless your days.  in addition to beautifying the house, can keep the posetive vibe in your place.

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Imam is an Islamic leadership position. It is most commonly used as the title of a worship leader of a mosque and Muslim community among Sunni Muslims. In this context, imams may lead Islamic worship services, serve as community leaders, and provide religious guidance. For Shi’a Muslims, the Imams are leaders of the Islamic community or ummah after the Prophet. The term is only applicable to the members of Ahl al-Bayt, the family of the Islamic Prophet Muhammad, considered infallibles by Twelver Shia.

Dimensions300x100x0.5 cm
Approximate weight680 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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