Islamic Metal Hamsa The Hand Of Fatima & Qibla Symbol


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The Metal Hamsa is one of the symbolic tools used in the Ashura mourning ritual among Shiites & in Iran. The Hamsa is placed on a high bar up to 6 meters high, which is decorated with green, black and red fabrics and is used as a symbol for mourning and mourning used by Shiites, especially Iranians.

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Hamsa – The Hand Of Fatima

The hamsa is a palm-shaped amulet popular throughout the Maghreb and in the Middle East and commonly used in jewelry and wall hangings. Depicting the open right hand, an image recognized and used as a sign of protection in many times throughout history, the hamsa is believed by middle easterners, to provide defense against the evil eye. The hamsa holds recognition as a bearer of good fortune among Christians in the Middle East as well. Khamsah is an Arabic word that means “five”, but also “the five fingers of the hand”. The Hamsa is also variously known as the Hand of Fatima after the daughter of Muhammad, the Hand of Mary, the Hand of Miriam, and the Hand of the Goddess.

Dimensions75x25x25 cm
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