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Islam Shia Herz Imam Jawad (A.S) Silver Pendant


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This Silver Pendant, which is for both men and women, has the Herz Imam Jawad. Having this beautiful silver Pendant, in addition to being beautiful, makes you a protector against disasters and enemies.

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Herz Imam Javad (A.S)

The specific Dua that Shaykh referred to is called Hirz-e-Jawad (the protection of Jawad), and is attributed to our ninth holy Imam (as): Imam Muhammad al-Jawad (as). It is a short Dua, which the Imam (as) is said to have advised his followers to recite and keep on their person, and is often found written inside rings and amulets.

Many members have written in asking for the text of the Dua, which is as follows: and the translation is as follows: ‘O Light, O Proof, O Manifest One, O Illuminating, O Lord Be enough for me in the face of evil/harm, and the problems of my time/era And I ask you for salvation on the Day when the trumpet shall be blown’. Benefits of Hirz of Imam Al-Jawad This talisman (taveez) is the direct out source of divine knowledge penned directly from Hadrat Md. Taqi also known as Jawad (A.S) This talisman is a relic which is beyond human perception and comprehension. In Imam (A.S) own words Hadrat says, anyone who wears it written on the SPL will be safe from any bad omen, witchcraft and all types of troubles will not come near him. If even the whole armies of Rome and Syria put together will try to attack and kill this person it will be impossible to do so. The person who wears it will supersede above others. Also he will be safe from any sword attack or sharp blade or accidental death, any carnivorous animal, devil and all the vices of the jinn and evil omens, occultry and witchcraft, and mad people will not do him any harm. He will also be free of any major deceases such as leprosy, paralysis, kidney problems, liver problems, piles, chest pain, heart attack, stomach problems, half head aches, etc., with the blessings of this taveez. This taveez is specially written after performing the necessary obligations as per mentioned in the shariat on the spl thing and after writing the related supplications and performing the required prayer it is divinely sanctified and put in a case of silver and sealed with wax and on the case a special supplication is also written to make it more effective, thus it remains safe without water or sweat from spoiling it in course of time. This can be worn in the neck or tied on the right hand wherever is comfortable.

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