Iranian Vahdat Week Commemorative Stamps


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These four Stamps were published in 1988 in order to commemorate the birthday of Prophet Muhammad which is known as Vahdat Week in Iran.


Standard stamp maintenance has always been a concern for collectors. Many collectors, aware of the importance of proper preservation of stamp collections and other postal items, always try to keep their collections for delivery to their future owners by observing the relevant principles, which is possible only by using a special album for stamps. When we collect different stamps in different periods and put them in the stamp album, we have basically collected a history from different times in our country as a collection of stamps which can be very enjoyable. Iran stamp album model 1383 to 1398 is one of the most nostalgic Is produced. The stamp album is the best sign for the history of the country.

Dimensions1x65x92 mm
Handling time7 Days
Weight10 Gram
Persian Titleتمبر یادگاری مدل هفته وحدت
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