Iranian Traditional Vintage Pillow Model Naranj


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Traditional round pillows are very beautiful and efficient in homes, backyards and on traditional beds and wherever you want to have a traditional atmosphere, these pillows are full of compact and heavy fibers, which also have an acceptable softness that is perfectly suitable to lean on. Giving and putting is under the hands. These pillows do not lose their shape even in long-term use and under pressure and are very durable.

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Persian Pillows

Pillows in Iran can be seen in different shapes and designs. Sometimes pillows are used for headgear and sometimes as for lean on. Tubular pillows “Motaka” in Iran, which are known as royal pillows, are generally covered with the Termeh, but today, tubular pillows are less used for sleeping and are mostly used for various purposes. Today, the use of pillows as a decorative item for home decoration is also considered. These pillows, which are designed with original and traditional Iranian designs & arts, in addition to beautifying the house, have been very popular in Iran and around the world.

Dimensions50x20x20 cm
Approximate weight2000 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
Pack Quantity1
Other DetailsHighest quality printing and production
Has a cover inside
Printed fabric, velvet furniture
Possibility of increasing or decreasing the fibers inside
Ability to wash by hand or washing machine
Maintain color and appearance after frequent washing
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