Persian Elegance Velvet Pillowcase Model Tiara (x2)


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Indulge in the timeless allure of our Traditional Velvet Print Pillowcase Cover, meticulously designed with the enchanting Persian Elegance theme. Crafted to infuse your space with a touch of cultural richness and sophistication, each pillowcase embodies the opulence of Persian artistry. The luxurious velvet cover offers a soft, velvety touch, elevating your bedding experience to new levels of comfort and style. Adorned with an intricately printed Persian Elegance theme, these pillowcases exude a captivating allure that reflects the rich heritage of Persian culture. The high-quality print guarantees both durability and a mesmerizing aesthetic, making these pillowcases an exquisite addition to your home decor. The fusion of traditional velvet and the evocative Persian design creates a harmonious balance between elegance and comfort, promising an inviting and luxurious feel. Elevate your bedroom ambiance with these Persian-themed velvet pillowcases, offering a timeless and sophisticated accent that is both visually striking and exquisitely comfortable.

  • Dimensions: 70×48 cm
  • Closure Method: Zipper
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Washability: Yes
  • Material: Velvet
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Velvet Pillowcase Model Tiara

Experience the allure of our Pillowcases featuring the enchanting Persian Elegance theme embraced by lush velvet covers. Our collection combines the richness of Persian-inspired artistry with the lavish touch of high-quality velvet, creating an exquisite blend of luxury and style. Each pillowcase is adorned with a high-quality print, meticulously crafted to not only exude elegance but also ensure unparalleled durability. Dive into the world of intricate Persian designs that adorn these luxurious pillowcases, promising an infusion of cultural richness and sophisticated comfort to your home decor. The fusion of the Persian Elegance theme with the velvety softness of our covers embodies an unrivaled combination of opulence and comfort. The high-quality prints guarantee not just a stunning visual appeal but also a product built to withstand the test of time, offering enduring beauty and exceptional quality. Our commitment to craftsmanship ensures a premium product that embodies both elegance and longevity. Immerse yourself in the intricate motifs and cultural richness of Persian artistry, elegantly printed on these high-quality, velvet-covered pillowcases. Elevate your home decor with the fusion of sophistication and comfort, assured of enduring beauty and high-quality standards in each pillowcase. Add a touch of luxury and cultural finesse to your living space with these pillowcases, promising a lasting statement of refined elegance and top-notch durability

Dimensions 70x48 cm
Approximate weight 100x2 Gram
Place of production Iran
Washability Yes
Application Decorative & Consumables
Material Velvet
Handling time 7 Days
Pack Quantity 2
Closing Method Zipper
Style Persian
Product Type Pillowcases
Pattern Tarditional
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