Iranian Hashemi Rice Premium Quality 10 Kg

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Introducing “Iranian Hashemi Rice” – a premium medium-grain rice that brings the authentic flavors of Iran to your table. With its distinct characteristics and exceptional quality, this sodium-free rice is a must-have for any culinary enthusiast. Carefully cultivated in the fertile lands of Iran, “Iranian Hashemi Rice” boasts a medium-grain size that strikes the perfect balance between tenderness and firmness. Each grain is meticulously processed to ensure uniformity, resulting in a consistent cooking experience that yields fluffy, aromatic rice every time. Not only does “Iranian Hashemi Rice” add a delightful texture to your dishes, but it also complements a wide range of flavors, making it a versatile choice for various cuisines. Whether you’re preparing Persian classics like Zereshk Polo or exploring international recipes, this premium rice delivers exceptional taste and culinary excellence. At our online store, we take pride in offering the finest quality “Iranian Hashemi Rice” sourced directly from trusted suppliers.

  • Approximate weight: 10 Kg
  • Type: Hashemi Rice
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Grain Type: Whole Grain
  • Persian Title: برنج هاشمی ممتاز
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Hashemi Rice Premium Quality 10 Kg

Iranian Rices are cherished worldwide for their exceptional quality, exquisite taste, and captivating fragrance. Let “Iranian Domsiah Premium Rice” transport you to the enchanting culinary traditions of Iran, where rice is not just a staple but a centerpiece of every meal. Grown in the fertile soils of Iran, “Hashemi Rice Premium Quality” is meticulously cultivated and harvested to ensure the highest standard of excellence. Each grain is carefully selected to deliver a fluffy texture, distinct aroma, and delightful taste that will tantalize your senses. Whether you’re preparing a classic Persian dish like aromatic saffron-infused rice or experimenting with fusion recipes, “Iranian Domsiah Premium Rice” is your perfect companion. Its ability to absorb flavors and complement a wide range of ingredients makes it a versatile choice for creating culinary masterpieces. At our online store, we offer a curated selection of premium Iranian Rices. We take pride in sourcing directly from trusted suppliers to bring you the finest quality rice that meets stringent standards. Elevate your dining experience with the authentic flavors of Iran. Explore our collection of Iranian Rices and indulge in the richness and diversity of Persian cuisine. With every spoonful, savor the essence of centuries-old culinary heritage.

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Weight 10000 Gram
Persian Title برنج هاشمی ممتاز
Product Type Iranian Rice
Grain Type Medium-grain
Variety Hashemi Rice
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