Iranian Moaragh Kari Wall Art “Marquetry” Model Door


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This Iranian Moaragh Kari Wall Art gives the beauty of Persian art to your home. Shine the eyes of others with this work of art. A completely handmade and rare work of art.

  • Dimensions: 5×50×40 cm
  • Material: Wood

Iranian Moaragh Kari – Marquetry

Moaragh Kari or Wooden Mosaic Art, is a work in which small pieces of wood are placed near each other to create a work of art. Wooden Mosaic Art is one of the arts and handicrafts of Iran. In most cities of Iran, especially in Isfahan, examples of Wooden Mosaic Art can be seen in the construction of historic buildings. Iranian artists were able to create beautiful arts using this method. Marquetry is very important in interior decoration. Hanging a Marquetry Wall Art on the wall of your home, office or lobby can create a spectacular view. A Marquetry Wall Art can make your home decoration beautiful. We have collected the most beautiful Persian Moaragh Kari Works of art in ShopiPersia. Works of art that are the result of hours of time by Iranian artists. Pieces of wood with natural colors have been used to create this work of art. Buy With confidence at ShopiPersia.

Dimensions5×50×40 cm
Approximate weight2200 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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