Iranian Golbaft Single Bed blanket Size 220×160 Model Leaves


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Blankets are an essential item in any home and it is best for everyone to have their own blanket. There are many well-known brands in the blanket industry. But Golbaft blanket is a name that has a global reputation and is of high quality.

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Golbaft blanket

Golbaft Industrial Group was established in 1348 AH. Golbaft Industrial Group Company succeeded with its innovations in the textile industry, in five stages it has taken over the Iranian textile market with its own initiative and with new products in very desirable qualities for many years, and in some cases abroad, including in the countries such as Germany, Italy and Spain Golbaft products are popular and sold.


Dimensions220x160x1 cm
Approximate weight2680 Gram
Place of productionIran
TypeSingle Size
Other Detailssoft and tender
Has a standard mark
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