Iranian Copper Salt Shaker Model Shiny01


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This Iranian Copper Salt Shaker Model Shiny01, Made and designed by Iranian artists, which shows the peak of Iranian creativity in making handicrafts. Having such handicrafts in every house, apart from showing the art in Iran, due to its special design, it gives a special beauty to your home decoration.

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Copper Salt Shaker

This Copper Salt Shaker with their shiny color gives a new color and smell to your tablecloths. Copper is one of the very old handicrafts in Iran. Copper utensils have long been displayed in various museums. When the name of copper is mentioned, the names of cities such as Zanjan, Qazvin and Isfahan are also mentioned subconsciously. Copper utensils used to have a strong presence in the Iranian kitchen. Copper utensils are produced by hand in Iran that known as Ghalamzani. Copper strengthens skin, hair and joints. Creates healthy cells in the skin and repairs dry and damaged skin.

Dimensions6x6x4 cm
Approximate weight150 Gram
Place of productionZanjan
Handling time7 Days
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