Iranian Candle Model Yellow Flower (X2)


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Candles have long been an important component of Iranian occasions. It is used in occasions of joy and sorrow. This beautiful Iranian Candle Model Yellow Flower (X2) can give a special beauty to your home decoration

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Persian Candle

Nothing like a candle can convey a sense of calm and stillness to man. Persian Candles are very beautiful with traditional Iranian designs or Iranian calligraphy, and Iranians use these candles on various occasions such as birthdays, Nowruz, etc. These beautiful Persian candles can be placed next to the bed, around the fireplace or even on the study table. The beauty of these candles is so much that they can be given as gifts to friends and acquaintances. A candle is a sign of wisdom, and giving a device with this meaning will also be meaningful.


Dimensions5x5x9 cm
Approximate weight140 Gram (one)
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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