Iran – Khorasan, Bokhara Embroidery Ethnic Hat


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If you are interested in Iranian culture and you like to have a piece of this culture with you, this beautiful “Iran – Khorasan, Bokhara Embroidery Ethnic Hat” that woven in Khorasan can be a good choice.

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Traditional Hats

The hat, which was commonly used in ancient Iran, in addition to the use of decoration and comfort, showed the occupation, race and social class of individuals. Different types of hats were used, such as crowns (including single, closed or open crowns used by kings), dihim, anther, straight hat, dastar (a turban resembling a hat), bashlaq (like a hat) and Egg-shaped felt hats. Felt hats were common among the Iranian tribes. Women also wore a type of scarf that reached to the ankles and was covered by a half crown or anther. Among other symbols of antiquity, the hat had a special meaning for the ancient Iranians. The history of the use of hats dates back to the time of the cave dwellers, when that type of hat was modified and perfected with the growth and development of human civilization according to social and geographical conditions.

Place of productionIran
WashabilityBy Hand
MaterialCamel Wool
Handling time7 Days
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