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Hich – Persian Panel Canvas Wall Art


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Persian calligraphy or Iranian calligraphy, is the calligraphy of the Persian language. It is one of the most revered arts throughout the history of Iran. ”Hich” meaning “Nothing”, used as a pronoun subject, is the absence of a something or particular thing that one might expect or desire to be present or the inactivity of a thing or things that are usually or could be active.

Panel Canvas Wall Art

If you want to make your home or office look different, we suggest using a very unique decorative Panel Canvas Wall Art. Panels Canvas with special and beautiful design can decorate any wall. Iranian Panels Canvas are considered as one of the best decorative elements in home decoration due to the combination of traditional Iranian and modern patterns which have recently met with good demand in the world. The principles of color combination are well observed in the designs and the color combination of the Panel Canvas is very beautiful.

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