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These hard sugar cubes, called ghand (قند) in Farsi, are absolutely delightful in tea and coffee. Compared to granulated sugar, they provide a mellower sweetness and thicker mouthfeel to your favorite drinks. For a different tea-drinking experience, you can place a cube in your mouth and drink your tea through the sugar. I would absolutely recommend ghand to anyone who wants to add another source of sweetness to their life.

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Hard Sugar Cubes

Hard Sugar Cube or Ghand is an industrial product made from sugar beet and usually comes in the form of white cubes made of sugar. This product is mostly used to sweeten bitter drinks (such as tea or coffee). Common sugar is a compound of sucrose (a type of disaccharide).

The difference between brown and white sugar is in the way they are made. Raw sugar is initially brown in color, due to the presence of a substance called molasses, which contains 46% sucrose, 3% protein, and some calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, and B vitamins. Brown sugar is obtained directly from sugarcane extract. This material is heated and then left at a very low temperature until it crystallizes. To produce white sugar, first raw sugar molasses is obtained using chemicals and then white crystals are obtained.

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