Hard Case for Persian Tonbak Tombak Zarb Drum


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This “Quality & Waterproof Hard Case for Persian Tonbak” can be a good choice if you are looking for a hard case. This hard case is made of quality raw materials.

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Hard Case for Persian Tonbak

Hard Case for Persian Tonbak, Protects your instrument from damage. In order to be a good musician, it is not enough to just buy an instrument and training courses! How to keep an instrument is also very important. Therefore, you should choose to buy the right case for your instrument. A suitable Hard Case prevents water and moisture from reaching the instrument and keep the quality of the instrument last for more years. Hard Cases have a solid structure, durable locks and thick walls that bring you peace of mind when moving. On Other hand Soft Cases are generally lightweight and portable on the shoulders and easily fit in smaller spaces; But like hard cases, they have their own weaknesses. For example, they have much less power to protect the instrument against external factors than hard disks.

Dimensions54x34 cm
Approximate weight3500 Gram
Handling time10 Days
ColorBlack & Brown
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