Handmade Wooden Dolls Model Police & Thief


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This set of 4 wooden dolls is inspired by Police & Thief. This collection is attractive not only for children but also for adults. They are made by hand and painted with elegance and high quality. Anti-allergic acrylic paint for children is used in their coloring, and the transparency and high contrast are completely evident in it.

  • Dimensions: 16x4x10 cm
  • Iran
  • Material: Wood
  • Suitable: Kids & Adult
  • Set Number: 4 Pieces

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Wooden Dolls Model Police & Thief

Toys are an integral part of every person’s childhood and adolescence and create sweet and enjoyable memories. Most of the people consider their childhood toys as valuable items. They keep their toys for the rest of their lives and give them to their children. A suitable toy must first be safe and healthy, then beautiful. Toys have a great impact on children’s mental development. Wooden toys are made of natural materials and have a special and inspiring beauty. Wooden toys improve a child’s thinking power and social ability. In addition, they increase their ability to solve problems and are completely safe and hygienic. The natural texture of wooden toys stimulates the child’s senses and invites them to touch, feel and explore. In ShopiPersia, we have a collection of wooden toys such as this “Wooden Dolls Model Police & Thief”. These toys & dolls are designed in different dimensions and designs with the theme of fantasy characters or favorite cartoons of children, which is the best option for every child. We Ship Worldwide.

Dimensions16x4x10 cm
Approximate weight160 Gram
Place of productionGilan - Iran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forKids & Adults
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