Handmade Copper Frying Pan with Lid Model Artin


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This Copper frying pan combines a trendy, Classic & luxurious look construction for superior cooking and serving. The inside of this frying pan has glazed veneer so it will not change color. This Frying Pan is suitable for use on all types of Electric, Gas, Induction stoves. It’s has a copper lid and two handles. Made by hand and with Pure Copper.

  • Dimensions: 26x26x7 cm
  • Approximate weight: 1325 Gram
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Type: Copper Frying Pan
  • Feature: With a Copper Lid & Two Handles

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Copper Frying Pan with Lid Model Artin

Cooking and frying meat or potatoes in a copper pan can be enjoyable. These pans shine with their beautiful and bright color in your kitchen. Our Copper Pans are completely handmade and hammered by Iranian artists. These Pans are the dream of every chef. Arranging the Copper pans on the kitchen can have a great impact on the beauty of your kitchen. In addition to physical beauty, Copper pans have many benefits. Frying food in a copper pan makes the food very tasty because of copper. You can use 100% hammered copper pans for cooking and preparing any kind of food with ease and peace of mind. Cheap copper pans are usually not completely handmade or have a thin layer of copper. Our copper pans are 100% handmade and made in the same old way. So they have a classic look. These pans have a glazed veneer on the inside to prevent the changing color due to contact with moisture. The Best Iranian Copper pans produced in Zanjan Province. Copper utensils are one of the oldest utensils for cooking and catering. If you are looking for a copper pan, this “Handmade Copper Frying Pan with Lid Model Artin” can be the best choice for you. At ShopiPersia you will have the utmost satisfaction from your online purchase.

Dimensions26x26x7 cm
Approximate weight1325 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Glazed veneerYes
Type100 Handmade & Hand-Knotted
Product TypeCopper Frying Pans
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