Handmade Camel Wool Hat


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  • Camel wool has the ability to resist moisture (its outer layer is water resistant while it can absorb and evaporate over 33% moisture), breathes and regulates humidity based on the environment.
  • Natural temperature and air permeability controller (warm in winter and cool in summer)
  • Eliminates pain and has a soothing effect (an excellent temperature regulator and improves blood circulation to the skin and organs)
  • Has anti-allergic properties (static anti-electricity, no worm / tick, with neutral pH and high lanolin content)

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Camel Wool

In the past, all the countries of the East and the Middle East depended almost entirely on the camel and its endurance. The territory of these countries was separated from the outside world by miles of desert. Hence, camels replaced horses, sheep, and cattle in these countries. Therefore, the use of wool and other camel products was common in these countries. The use of camel wool is very old and is even mentioned in the Bible as a material used to make tents, cloaks and mats. From about the seventeenth century AD, the use of these fibers has become popular in the West. Suddenly, these fibers became very popular in England in the late nineteenth century.

Place of productionIran
WashabilityBy Hand
MaterialCamel Wool
Handling time7 Days
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