Gali Strings for Oud Instrument Model N0200


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This String pack is suitable for Oud instrument. A complete package that includes all the required strings. The Strings are made from quality materials to create a clear, pleasant & quality sound.

  • Suitable for: Oud Instrument
  • Pack(s): 1
  • Type: Oud Strings
  • Persian Title: سیم عود

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Gali Strings for Oud Model N0200

In the String Instruments such as Persian Tar, sound is created by hitting or touching the strings that are placed on the Instruments. The quality & and thickness of the strings has a direct effect on the sound of the instrument. Choosing the right string for your instrument has a great impact on the sound quality. By choosing the right string, it is easier to play the instrument and its sound is more pleasant. In acres, it is necessary to use a string with a certain thickness to coordinate the sound of the instruments to create the tone of your desired sound. ShopiPersia is the largest website that sells Iranian musical accessories. In our store, we have collected all kinds of accessories that you need. This “Gali Strings for Oud Model N0200” is definitely one of the best and highest quality. Buy at the best Price & directly from Iran. If you need a string with a certain thickness, contact us to provide it for you. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions100x100x10 mm
Approximate weight50 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forPersian Oud
Pack Quantity12
Product TypeOud Strings
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