Foldable & Portable Wooden Persian Korsi 70R


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This foldable and portable Korsi is an excellent and practical tool that can help you create a different decoration. According to the theme of traditional or modern decoration, use special blankets or pillows. This product includes a folding box that is sent to you along with four bases and screws.

  • Dimensions: 70x70x50 cm
  • Place of production: Iran
  • Material: Wood
  • Feature: Foldable & Portable
  • Accompanying Items: A folding box along with four bases and screws. Blankets, Pillows, heater, etc not Included

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Foldable & Portable Wooden Korsi 70R

In Iranian culture, using Korsi on the first night of winter is a tradition. The use of Korsi was more popular in the past and it was used to heat the house. The family members sat around it and used the warmth of the Korsi together. In today’s world, the Korsi is much more than a heating device. The Korsi in Iran has a memorable and nostalgic position as one of the cultural and traditional accessories. For the old generation, the Korsi is a reminder of happy memories of warm and pleasant nights at the grandmother’s house. On the night of Yalda, its pleasant warmth brought the family members together. Today, in traditional Iranian celebrations such as Yalda and Nowruz, the Korsi plays a nostalgic role and Iranians use it to create a warm and intimate atmosphere. This “Foldable & Portable Wooden Korsi 70R” will help you to easily create a nostalgic feeling on Yalda night. We Ship Worldwide.

Dimensions70x70x50 cm
Approximate weight15000 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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