Floral Hand Fan Foldable & Portable Model Mahin


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This floral hand fan is the epitome of elegance and functionality. Perfect for weddings, galas, or any upscale affair, this hand fan is more than a cooling accessory; it’s a stylish statement piece. Crafted with precision, the fan’s delicate floral motif aligns seamlessly with a formal aesthetic. The graceful movement of the fan becomes a subtle dance, accentuating the refined atmosphere of any event. Its suitability for formal occasions is not just about functionality but also a testament to its ornate beauty. The floral elegance, combined with the convenience of portability, makes it an ideal accessory for those special moments when you want to stay cool without compromising on style. Make a statement at your next formal event with this chic hand fan. It’s not just a cooling tool; it’s a fashion-forward choice for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

  • Material: Plastic & Fabric
  • Dimensions: 25x3x3 cm
  • Features: Foldable & Portable
  • Suitable for: Daily use, weddings, galas, etc.
  • Pattern: Floral
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Hand Fan Foldable & Portable Model Mahin

Elevate your style while staying cool with our exquisite hand fans, meticulously designed to blend artistry with functionality. From timeless floral patterns to contemporary chic aesthetics, our hand fans cater to a myriad of tastes. Whether you’re gracing a formal event, participating in a ceremony, or embarking on a casual outing, our foldable and portable hand fans effortlessly infuse a touch of elegance and convenience into your ensemble. The versatility of our designs, ranging from classic florals to avant-garde motifs, allows these fans to serve as both complementary accessories and standalone statement pieces. Beyond their aesthetic allure, our hand fans are constructed with durability at the forefront, promising longevity without compromising on the delightful cooling experience. Embrace the fusion of fashion and function as our hand fans become an indispensable accessory in your wardrobe, transcending mere utility to make a bold style statement. Beat the heat in unparalleled style with our hand fans — where each piece is a harmonious blend of elegance and efficiency. Immerse yourself in the artistry of our hand fans, where sophistication meets relief, offering you a refreshing breeze in the most stylish manner possible. Choose not just a cooling solution but an expression of your unique style with our exclusive hand fan collection.

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Weight 100 gr
Dimension 25x3x3 cm
Color Cyan
Style Vintage
Product Type Hand Fan
Material Plastic & Fabric
Pattern Floral
Features Foldable & Portable
Returns Eligible for Return
Occasion Formal Events, Casual Outings, Special Celebrations
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