Fantasy Pencil Case Model Zolf


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This Fantasy Pencil Case is a good choice to have a stylish and magnificent table. It has enough and separated space for all your accessories. You can use this pencil case to hold a pen, ruler, pen, colored pencil, etc. It can also be easily placed in a bag. The design printed on the pencil case is very durable.

  • Dimensions: 20.5×9.5×5 cm
  • Pattern: Fantasy
  • Material: Fabric
  • Suitable: Pen & Pencil
  • Washability: Yes. By hand & Washing Machine

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Fantasy Pencil Case Model Zolf

The arrangement of desk accessories is very important and their order and beauty are effective in creating a calm atmosphere. In order to have a stylish table, Stationery are among the necessary accessories, of which pencil case is one of them. Our pencil cases with Fantasy designs will give a new look to your table or bag with their beautiful and attractive designs. Pencil cases that are elegantly designed and in addition to being used to hold pencils, they can also be used as decorations with their beautiful and attractive design. Pencil cases that bring the artistic authenticity of Iran and show your attention and artistic taste. This “Fantasy Pencil Case Model Zolf” will give your table a stylish and original look. In ShopiPersia, we have collected the most beautiful Stationery. Accessories that you can use to give a stylish look to your desk. We ship worldwide.

Dimensions20.5x9.5x5 cm
Approximate weight85 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
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