Fabric Placemats Under the Plate Set Model Asil


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Some home and kitchen appliances, while being functional, also have a decorative aspect and add to the beauty of the home and kitchen. With this “Fabric Placemats Under the Plate Set Model Asil” you can enhance your guest’s dining experience by serving entrees in an elegant manner with an elegant spirit of these Placemats.

  • Dimensions: Set of 6 Under the Plate 30×30 cm
  • Washability: Yes
  • Material: Fabric

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Fabric Placemats

Placemats or Under the Plates help to beautify the interior decoration of the kitchen and tables. Placemats are a must for those who want to set a stylish and beautiful tablecloth. Plates are available in a variety of materials, but to choose them, you must pay attention to your decoration style. If the style of your house is classic, it is better to use wooden materials so that its design and style are completely classic. The human eye is looking for beautiful combinations, and with a little patience, you can find Under the Plates suitable for the layout of your dining room and the color of your dining table and chairs, and finally set a beautiful dinner or lunch table for your guests or family members. A table that will form a warm and intimate family or friendship period. Under the Plates like this “Set of 6 Fabric Placemats” that have been designed and made by Iranian artists with love and passion.

Approximate weight300 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time7 Days
Pack Quantity6
Persian Titleزیر بشقابی و زیر قابلمه ای مدل اصیل
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