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Elite Instant Halim “Haleem” Pack of 20


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Halim is a delicious food that will fascinate everyone. If you do not have time to make Halim in the traditional way, these Instant packages are the best choice. Add some spices to it to have a nutritious breakfast. Memorable taste.

  • Iran
  • Pack(s): 20
  • Brand: Elite
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Persian Haleem

Halim is one of the most delicious foods made with wheat and has many fans in Iran. This delicious dish is often served for breakfast and cinnamon is used as its spice. Halim can be considered one of the most popular and simple Iranian dishes. Food that is cooked with the help of simple but nutritious ingredients, with patience. This wonderful concoction is served in most parts of the country, sweet and with sugar. This Iranian food will be delicious for all Iranians wherever they are in the world. The main ingredient of Haleem is whole wheat. It is considered as a nutritious food. Halim is rich in iron, fiber, magnesium, niacin. Haleem is also highly satiating and energizing. For this reason, eating mild is very useful for pregnant women, children and adolescents. We prepared this delicious food semi-prepared in ShopiPersia. All you have to do is prepare these semi-finished packages according to the instructions on the package. Of course, do not forget to add some sesame and cinnamon for better taste and animal butter if you like.

Dimensions17×13 cm
Approximate weight75 Gram
Place of productionIran
Handling time3 Days
Pack(s)20 Packs
Persian Titleحلیم
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