Electric Esfand Burner Model Abbas the Great


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This Electric Esfand Burner with its beautiful and eye-catching appearance, enhances the good feeling of smoking Esfand in various ceremonies. It works with electricity and there is no need for hot coal. It has a power cord and a power switch on the body.

  • Dimensions: 18x9x19 cm
  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Approximate weight: 600 Gram
  • Cord length: 57 cm
  • Persian Title: اسپند دود کن برقی

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Electric Esfand Burner Model Abbas the Great

Burning Esfand is one of the old traditions of Iranians. Esfand smoke is very useful for disinfecting the environment and health. To burn Esfand, Iranians use Esfand Burner. The artistic and creative minds of Iranians have made them design and make beautiful Esfand burners. Practical tools that show the beauty of Iranian art. This Electric Esfand burner is one of the most beautiful tools that you can use to burn Esfand. by using this “Electric Esfand Burner Model Abbas the Great”, you can smoke Esfand without the need for fire or coal. Smoking Espand based on Iranians beliefs ward off evil from ourselves and those around us. Esfand smoking has a very ancient history in Iran and has deep roots in Khorasan. In Gonabad, until 50 years ago, women used to set fire to Espand early in the morning most of the morning and set it on fire at the entrance of the house.

Dimensions18x9x19 cm
Approximate weight600 Gram
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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