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Electric Esfand Burner Model 19QS


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Esfand smoke is very useful for disinfecting the environment and health, but due to the need to light charcoal and its headaches, we do very little. The Electric Esfand Burner solves this problem completely and there is no need for fire and coal anymore, and it is enough to turn on the device, put some Esfand in a special chamber and turn on the device.

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Esfand – Espand

Peganum harmala, commonly called wild rue, Syrian rue, African rue, esfand, or harmel, is a perennial, herbaceous plant, with a woody underground root-stock, of the family Nitrariaceae, usually growing in saline soils in temperate desert and Mediterranean regions. Esfand smoking has a very ancient history in Iran and has deep roots in Khorasan. In Gonabad, until 50 years ago, women used to set fire to Espand early in the morning most of the morning and set it on fire at the entrance of the house.

Dimensions12x12x24 cm
Approximate weight500 Gram
Place of productionIran
ApplicationDecorative & Consumables
Handling time7 Days
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