Dried Lemon Beebrush Leaves 750 Gram (Organic)


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Lemon Beebrush Leaves are a good choice for having a fragrant Infusion or Tea. They used to treat indigestion, bloating, nerve pain and migraines, unilateral headaches, dizziness and cold symptoms. Dried leaves are used as a spice in cooking applications to flavor meat, fish, jams, salads.

  • Weight: 750 Gram
  • Origin: Iran
  • Drying Method: Dehydrated
  • Organic: Yes, 100%
  • Persian Title: به لیمو
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Dried Lemon Beebrush Leaves

Lemon Beebrush is the name of an aromatic medicinal plant that has the pleasant smell of lemon. Lemon Beebrush is native to South America and from there it has gone to other parts of the world, including Iran. Lemon Beebrush Leaves can be used to add lemon flavor to meat and fish and with drinks. The leaves are also used in potpourri. Lemon beebrush is used to make herbal teas and as a liqueur flavoring. Lemon Beebrush is used to treat seizures, indigestion, bloating, unilateral headaches, nerve pain, dizziness and cold symptoms. In addition, it is useful in strengthening memory and calming and treating insomnia. ShopiPersia is proud to send Iranian organic and natural Herbs to all over the world. All herbs and spices offered in ShopiPersia have the highest quality in flavor.

Approximate weight750 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialLemon Beebrush Leaves
Handling time7 Days
Suitable forBrewing, Spices, Cooking, etc
Persian Titleبه لیمو خشک
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