Cyrus The Great Human Rights Cylinder Sculpture


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Having a Statue or Sculpture of Iran’s historical and cultural sites or Symbol of Iran, is a sign of our interest in our land. Although we live outside of Iran, we are proud of our identity and culture.

Cyrus Cylinder

The Cyrus cylinder (British Museum, no. 90920; Walker, p. 158; Budge, pl. XL; Rawlinson, pl. 35) is a fragmentary clay cylinder with an Akkadian inscription of thirty-five lines discovered in a foundation deposit by A. H. Rassam during his excavations at the site of the Marduk temple in Babylon in 1879.

Dimensions21x11x12 cm
Approximate weight2100 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialStone powder and resin, fiberglass, polyester
Handling time7 Days
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