Camel Wool Blanket – 100% Pure 220×160 cm


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The pure camel wool blanket is 100% Iranian Camel Wool from one of the world’s most exclusive natural wool. This blanket manufactured with the highest quality raw materials, the best processing technology, and according to modern fashion trends. Its Size is 220×160 cm.

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Camel Wool

Research has shown that using natural raw material-like wool as filler in the blanket is very convenient for human health.Unlike the other kinds of wool, camel wool is non-allergenic and non-electrified. Camel wool contains lanolin, which is absorbed by skin and gives therapeutic effect. It has warming properties that broaden blood vessels, intensifies blood microcirculation, activate metabolism and reducing process in tissue. The warmth of the wool is dry and therapeutic. It massages tingling your skin improving blood circulation.

Dimensions160x220 cm
Approximate weight1800 Gram
Place of productionIran
MaterialCamel Wool
Handling time7 Days
Suitable for1 Person
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