Block Print Linen Tablecloth Model Kaaj

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Step into contemporary elegance with our exquisite Contemporary Iranian Block Print Tablecloth, distinguished by the refined Kalamkari technique and artistic patterns meticulously hand-blocked onto each cloth. These contemporary tablecloths blend the essence of traditional artistry with modern sophistication, presenting an artistic pattern that resonates with individuality and creativity. Crafted with precision and care, each unique pattern reflects a marriage of heritage and innovation, promising to transform your dining space into a canvas of cultural charm and modern flair. Elevate your dining experience with a fusion of cultural heritage and contemporary design, where the artisan’s hand-blocked patterns create a visual symphony of artistic expression. Elevate your dining experience with our Contemporary Iranian Block Print Tablecloths, showcasing intricate artistic patterns that celebrate hand-blocking artistry, adding elegance and modern style to your table.

  • Dimensions: 100×100 cm
  • Country of origin: Iran
  • Material: Linen
  • Washability: Yes
  • Shape: Square
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Block Print Tablecloth Model Kaaj

Immerse your dining space in the rich heritage of Iranian craftsmanship with our exquisite Iranian Block Print Tablecloths. Each piece embodies a harmonious blend of tradition and modernity, meticulously hand-printed on high-quality cotton. Our tablecloths feature an array of captivating patterns, including intricate florals inspired by the lush beauty of Persian gardens, mesmerizing geometric designs, and the timeless elegance of Paisley motifs. Whether you seek the grace of floral designs, the structured allure of geometric patterns, or the classic sophistication of Paisley, these tablecloths cater to diverse tastes. Indulge in the authenticity of Persian-inspired designs, meticulously crafted onto premium cotton, and transform your dining area with an aura of cultural elegance. With a choice of enchanting designs, ranging from floral elegance to geometric precision and Paisley grace, our Iranian Block Print Tablecloths are an ode to timeless beauty and cultural artistry. Unveil the beauty of tradition fused with contemporary elegance in our hand-printed Iranian Block Print Tablecloths. Made from premium quality cotton, these tablecloths are a testament to artisanship and cultural significance. The meticulous hand-printing process ensures an authentic and distinctive look for every tablecloth. Experience the blend of heritage and modern style, perfect for elevating your everyday dining or adding a touch of sophistication to special occasions. Embrace the craftsmanship and cultural richness woven into every thread of these exquisite tablecloths.

General Information
Country of origin Iran
Handling time 7 Days
Dimension 100x100 cm
Age Group / Grade Level Adults
Color Cream & Black
Suitable for Outdoor - Indoor
Style Classic
Product Type Tablecloth
Construction Handmade
Condition New
Shape Square
Material Linen Fabric
Theme Persian
Pattern Traditional
Washability Yes, by hand
Other Details Before washing, allow the item to air dry for 3-4 minutes. Use cold water and liquid soap for washing.
Maximum washing temperature: 30 degrees Celsius
Maximum ironing temperature: 110 degrees Celsius
Room Type Kitchen, Dining Room, Living Room, etc.
Returns Eligible for Return
Season All Seasons
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